Broadband Internet Speeds 2011-2012: The Top 10 Countries


The results of the second annual global study on the quality of broadband connections done at end of 2009 reveal that 62 out of the 66 countries analyzed had
wever, new data from the study highlights the extent of thedigital quality divide between urban and rural areas and, for the first time, compares the quality of fixed and mobile broadband services. improved the quality of consumer broadband services since last year. Ho

The first groundbreaking Broadband Quality Study was published in September 2008 to highlight each country’s ability to benefit from next-generation web applications and services. The research team found that broadband quality is linked to a nation’s advancement as a knowledge economy and countries with broadband on their national agenda had the highest broadband quality. This year’s report
covers an additional 24 countries and includes new analysis on broadband quality in more than 240 cities.




Google Glasses With Virtual And Augmented Reality

As per many reports, Google is expected to start selling eyeglasses that will project information, entertainment and, this being a Google product, advertisements onto the lenses. These glasses will have the combined features of virtual reality and augmented reality.

The Google Glasses can use a 4G cell connection to pull in information from Google’s mountain of data and display info about the real world in augmented reality on the lens in front of your eye. As you turn your head you’ll get information about your surroundings and nearby objects from Google Goggles, info on buildings and establishments from Google Maps, even your friends’ nearby check-ins from Latitude. The company has no plans to sell ads into your newly augmented view of the world, but will consider it if the product really catches on.

The glasses are not being designed to be worn constantly — although Google engineers expect some users will wear them a lot — but will be more like smartphones, used when needed, with the lenses serving as a kind of see-through computer monitor.

Google glasses are basically wearable computers, that will use the same Android software that powers Android smartphones and tablets. Like smartphones and tablets, the glasses will be equipped with GPS and motion sensors. They will also contain a camera and audio inputs and outputs.

Several people who have seen the glasses, but who are not allowed to speak publicly about them, said that the location information was a major feature of the glasses. Through the built-in camera on the glasses, Google will be able to stream images to its rack computers and return augmented reality information to the person wearing them. For instance, a person looking at a landmark could see detailed historical information and comments about it left by friends. If facial recognition software becomes accurate enough, the glasses could remind a wearer of when and how he met the vaguely familiar person standing in front of him at a party. They might also be used for virtual reality games that use the real world as the playground.

The expectation is that we will get a really cool demonstration of this technology at Google I/O in June.

Google glasses


Comedy Circus C…

Comedy Circus Comes To Tata DOCOMO CDMA

New service will help ease stress through jokes from the show’s acclaimed comedians.Comedy Circus Comes To Tata DOCOMO CDMA

Tata DOCOMO has launched the Comedy Circus service for its CDMA subscribers, in a bid to retain them. The service by unified telecom brand of Tata Teleservices Ltd (TTL) is based on the popular TV series and offers jokes, quotes, and gags of stand-up comedians including Sunil Pal, Naveen Prabhakar, Kashif, and Umer Sheriff. This service was already available to subscribers of the company’s GSM platform.

COO of TTIL Mumbai Circle Anjan Patole said, “We are delighted to launch a very interesting value added service for our customers that adds a touch of humour, a service that is accessible while on the go. Stand-up comedians like Sunil Pal and Naveen Prabhakar are very well known and we are certain that the service like this would be much sought after in our VAS portfolio. It will definitely generate excitement amongst our customers and will increase the level of involvement with its regional content”.

Subscribers can listen to funny gags and jokes on the interactive voice portal by dialling52020. Once activated, they will be charged at Rs 30 for 60 minutes over a period of 30 days. Comedy Circus is available in Hindi, Punjabi, Marathi, Gujarati, Bhojpuri, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Assamese, Haryanvi, Oriya and Bengali languages.