Microsoft Launches Explorer Touch Mouse

After launching the plain-vanilla Touch and Arc Touch mice,MicMicrosoft Launches Explorer Touch Mouserosoft has introduced yet another rodent to its touch-enabled mouse range. Like the others, the Explorer Touchmouse bears a “Touch strip” between the left and right buttons. This touch-sensitive strip allows vertical and horizontal scrolling by just flicking your finger across its surface. Apart from the two main buttons, the Explorer Touch features three customisable buttons that can be assigned to common Windows tasks.

It eschews cables with a 2.4 GHz wireless interface that employs a space saving “nano” receiver module. According to Microsoft, a fresh set of batteries should last you for one and a half years. The mouse also implements the BlueTrack sensor, which works on almost all surfaces except glass. This work-anywhere capability comes at a premium though, since the mouse is priced at Rs 2400.


Aakash Maker Refutes Reports Of Split With Govt

DataWind claims that Kapil Sibal been misquoted.

A day after it was reported by several media outlets thatDataWind will no longer be associated with the Aakash tablet project, the company has issued a press release refuting the same. The said reports had quoted Telecom and HRD minister Kapil Sibal saying that the manufacturer of the product “will not be associated with it anymore and the government has roped in C-DAC and ITI in further development of the tablet computer”.

However, DataWind has stated in its press release that“DataWind would like to state that we’ve not been informed officially or unofficially by the Ministry of HRD of anything restricting us to participate in the next tender.


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